Friday, 21 February 2014

Our Facebook and Twitter friends are special friends for us

Users who become our fans on Facebook or our “followers” on Twitter are special friends for us.
As such, they are entitled to a special treatment.

To all our friends on Facebook (over 10,000) and Twitter (more than 1,000) we regularly offer exclusive promo codes allowing them to take advantage of whopping 10% discount valid on any hotels booked on, except for the so-called promotions "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel” (it means that, if you want to enjoy the discount code, you need to choose a hotel that does not adhere to this option.)

We issue new promo codes throughout the year so you'd better stay tuned and check our social media profiles regularly to take advantage of our great offers.

This post is an invitation both to our old friends (those who already follow us on our social media channels) and to our future friends (those who are not yet socially connected with us).
  • The former must keep on following us to spot the promo codes that we integrate in some of our posts and tweets of our profiles.

  • The latter should begin to follow us and scroll carefully through our pages to find our special codes and enjoy the 10% discount. 

Last, but not least.
By following us, both our old and future friends will get lots of interesting information and news on the world of travel and holidays through our interesting updates and exclusive photos.

So what are you waiting for?
Like us on Facebook and start following us on Twitter to enjoy the special priviliges we offer to our best friends.

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