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The Best Pubs and Nightclubs in London

Besides being one of the most visited places in Europe, London is probably the European capital with the most intriguing and rebel charm. Streets are full of flirting people, dressed like the casting of a music video; the pace is frantic, like accelerated by an invisible remote control you will feel as if you just stumbled into a movie.

Going to London will make you feel in another dimension: you can feel the old-fashion style mood of a world famous suburbs full of terraced houses with no particular attractions. On the other hands, the centre is filled with every kind of people, a metaphor of the world, shops selling almost anything, even something you cannot imagine yet.

tower bridge - london by night

In London you cannot not allow yourself, at least one time, an evening in one of the many Londoner pubs or clubs. We will give you some useful hints and tips about the most renowned pubs, discos and other nightclubs. And if you have no clue where to sleep, take a look at our most booked hotels in London with the best quality/price ratio.

- Sleeping in London: our recommended hotels
- Nightlife: the best pubs in London
- Nightclubs and discos in London

Sleeping in London: our recommended hotels

Finding an affordable arrangement in London may not be so easy.
This is why we selected the hotels our users seem to enjoy the most for the good quality/price ratio. Take a look at the following accommodation and book your hotel in London:

- Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club
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- Restup London Hostel
- Hotel Strand Palace

Nightlife: the best pubs in London

Once known as public houses, places where one could buy food and drinks, pubs have now become a characteristic hangout spot  to escape the daily stress after a working day.
Every pub has its own story – just step inside and enjoy a bite of the London life in the dim lights, surrounded by the smell of freshly oozed beer.

As you well know, there are many pubs in London; most of them, though, are meant for tourists and have long lost the charm of traditional ones. This is why we prefer to suggest two real British pubs: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and Prospect of Whitby.

Prospect of Whitby one of the oldest pubs in london

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, located in the heart of the city, offers a wide choice of good, affordable beers and tasty typical dishes. It can be found on 145 Fleet St, EC4A 2BU.

Prospect of Whitby is one of London oldest pubs: located at 24 James St, W1U 1EL, along the banks of the river Thames, it offers traditional pub dishes as well as 'raw beer'.

Nightclub and discos in London

If you love music and feel like going wild, London offers a wide range of nightclubs and discos where you can dance the night away. Discover the most fashionable nightclubs in London! When looking for the perfect club, you will face countless possibilities, sometimes making it even difficult to choose. Take a look at our tips on the best nightclubs to dance and listen to music in London.

Ministry of Sound Club

If you love house and electronic music you may consider this option. This place often hires the best DJs in the world and offers an extraordinary listening experience. More than 300,000 people every year hang out at the Ministry of Sound because of the outstanding sound quality in its three halls.
Being one of the most renowned discos in London, it also has quite a high admission price, around £20.

Ministry of Sound Club in london


No doubt one of the most well-known discos in London. Its structure and type of music remind of Ministry of Sound, but more affordable for the admission ticket, also offering student discounts.
World famous DJs perform there. But it's not only house music. Everyone can have a great time at the Fabric. Its main feature? A 'vibrating' dance floor allowing clubbers to feel music all the way to their bones.

fabric, one of the most famous clubs in london


Another famous hangout spot for lovers of house and techno music. Besides dancing, you can see concerts from many famous artists.
Located in the lively Camden Town area, on 1A Camden High Street, NW1 7JE, the club originates from the ashes of the Camdem Theatre, whose structure is still entirely preserved.
It hosted artists as Madonna, Oasis, Amy Winehouse and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It is one of the most appreciated nightclubs in town, especially by tourists.

concert at koko club in london

The MacBeth of Hoxton

The Macbeth is a pub that's been providing musical entertainment for more than one century.
You could enjoy a different rock show every night while having e a drink.
Great wines, cocktails, home made beers and great music – impossible to be disappointed. The Hoxton area still has the charm of a now gone London, and this place is no exception. Discover its intriguing story!

The MacBeth of Hoxton, a famous pub in london

What are you waiting for?
Get ready for London! The best city's pubs and clubs are expecting you for an unforgettable night!

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