Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Pay for a Booking on

Today we are going to publish a post that we would like to call a service announcement.
So don't expect amazing travel stories, detailed city guides or colourful infographics collecting numbers and data.

The new style of our blog entails this as well: periodic updates on how our online booking works, a sort of insight on your most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you are familiar with our F.A.Q. page on our website… By the way, we have recently restyled it both in the design and content.

Our goal is to dispel any doubts that our users may have before making a booking.

In particular, with today's post we want to touch upon a topic everybody is interested in as it affects our pockets, namely payments.

Then, let’s go and see how you can pay for your bookings on

The method our customers prefer is to pay online by credit card: which is convenient, fast and 100% safe. Speaking of security, like many other e-commerce sites, we too use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) based highly reliable encryption systems to protect your data that make transactions protected.

What credit cards do we accept?
For bookings in Euros and Dollars, we accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express.
For all other currencies, we accept only Visa and Mastercard.
Of course there are no extra costs.

You can also pay via Paypal, but with some restrictions:
  • only for transactions in Euros and Dollars
  • only for bookings in “Instant Confirmation” (not "Book Now, Pay at the Hotel")
  • only for bookings made at least 2 days before the deadline for cancellation

What about people who don't have a credit card?
For those who for any reason do not wish to pay via credit card, we offer the possibility to pay for their booking through bank transfer (the receipt of the bank transfer has to be sent within a specific date though).
Even in this case, however, there are some restrictions.
You cannot pay by bank transfer if:
  • the reservation is very close to the arrival date
  • the booking is non-refundable
Making a booking by telephone
Last, but not least, sometimes our users ask us whether they can make a booking by telephone.
The answer is "Yes, of course!".
You can call our call centre that will make the reservation on your behalf. On this regard, please remember our opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 9-19 (GMT + 1)
Sat: 9-13 (GMT + 1)

If the booking is very close to the arrival date and non-refundable, you need to give your credit card details to our operator.
For other bookings, you can pay within 2 days (except for those bookings whose cancellation deadline is very near); then you can enter your credit card details on our website, following our instructions.

Plus, you will probably be happy to know that, if you make your booking by phone, you will be able to pay with Paypal not only for transactions in Euros and Dollars, but also in all the other currencies listed in our portal.
Last, but not least, also by telephone you can opt for the bank transfer, if you like.
We guess that’s all for the moment. Speak to you soon.

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