Thursday, 16 January 2014

2013 Travel Trends in Europe – First Group: United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany

Another year has gone by (2013) and a new one has just begun.

This transition period is often used by businesses to assess the trends of the passing year and to set the goals for the days to ahead.
This happens in all different market sectors, travel included. is glad to share some significant data related to the travel habits of Europeans in 2013 concerning top destinations and favourite cities.

For convenience, data have been divided into different groups depending on which part of Europe was taken into consideration.

Today we are going to begin with the first group that includes 4 countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
Let's see where the British, the French, the Spanish and the Germans went for their travels during the twelve months of the 2013.

The British
We found out that the great majority of British people travelled within the United Kingdom.
Lower percentages went to Italy and Spain, countries that have always been much appreciated by them for their holidays.

London is the most visited city in the UK, followed by Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland; Rome is the favourite destination in Italy and Barcelona is the first city in Spain.

Outside Europe, the most visited nation is represented by the US, where the favourite city is Los Angeles, in California. In the Far East, Thailand and its capital Bangkok draw an increasing number of British tourists.

The French
Like the British, also French tourists chose France for their holidays: over 2013, Paris, the French capital, was their favourite destination.

They also went to Italy, where most of them visited Rome, and the United Kingdom with London.

Outside Europe, Morocco and Marrakesh are at the top of French preferences. Also, French tourists travel to the US, Turkey and Tunisia.

The Spanish
Over 2013, Spanish people travelled mainly within Spain to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.
In 2nd position, there is the UK with the city of London and, at the lowest step of the podium, Italy with Rome.

Like the British, the most visited nation outside Europe are the United States where the top city is New York.

The Germans

It seems to be a recurring data: like the British, the French and the Spanish, the Germans too chose their homeland as favourite destination for their holidays in 2013. Berlin and Frankfurt were the most visited cities.

Outside the national borders, they mainly went to London in the UK and Rome in Italy. Also the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, is well positioned. Concerning more exotic destinations, Bangkok in Thailand is the favourite.

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