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The Best Beaches and Atolls in the Maldives

Close your eyes and imagine: the Maldives.
Let the picture of this tropical paradise create in your mind.
Feel the heat of the sun on your body.
Perceive the taste of exotic fruits, their sweetness and their juice.
Visualize the white sand, the turquoise water and the palm trees.
Dive in the sea, feel its warmth, swim among incredible marine creatures: colorful fish and corals.
Now open your eyes: it's time to make your dream come true.
Maldive best beaches

Maldives Best Beaches

Choosing the top beaches in the Maldives ain't easy: hundreds of atolls and islands make up this superlative archipelago which is commonly considered an authentic paradise on earth.
Nevertheless, we shall try and identify some of the most beautiful beaches there.
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1) North Malé Atoll

It is a very tourist and fully-equipped area, with many inhabited islands. Malé, the capital city, and the airport are located in the south part of this atoll: from here it is possible to organize excursions to the best beaches in the different islands.
Bandos and Kuda Bandos are well-known for their wonderful beaches.
The lagoon of Baros offers an incredible natural landscape.
Himmafushi is a lively small island with nice beaches and typical souvenir shops.
Gaamaadhoo, Loifushi and Thulusdhoo islands are considered the paradise of surfers.
The protected area of Banana Reef and Nassimo Thila are the perfect places for diving and snorkeling among corals and incredibly colorful fish.
At Manta Point you can have the chance to meet and observe various species of mantas.
If you are after a quiet and well-organized place, Huraa island is right for you then.
Gaafaru atoll, in the North, is a more isolated island, famous also for the presence of wrecked ships.

Blue waters in the Maldives atolls

2) South Malé Atoll

It is a wide blue lagoon embracing about 30 islands. Its popularity is increasing, but it is less known and crowded than North Malé. Here you can find both resorts and guest-houses, where you can enjoy a much more local experience.
Maafushi is the most popular island in the atoll and offers warm hospitality.
Kaani and White Shell are its most famous tourist beaches.
Guraidhoo Kandu is a must for snorkeling and diving lovers.
Biyadhoo beach, in the Biyadhoo island, is considered one of the most wonderful beaches of the area and can be reached from Maafushi for daily excursions. There is also a resort there.
The beaches of Fihalhohi island are astonishing: like Biyadhoo beach, you can get there from Maafushi for daily trips.
Oe Dhuni Finolhu beach is located in a deserted island: its dazzling white sand and blue water are worth an excursion (and a bath).
Fun island is a perfect place for your stay at reasonable prices. Its white sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees, while the sea offers clear waters and a nice coral reef to be explored.

3) Faaful Atoll

Mainly unpopulated, this atoll is the right place if you are looking for peace and pristine atmosphere. You will only find unspoiled nature, incredible marine fauna, white sand and amazing crystal-clear water.

4) Ari Atoll 

It is located in the west area of the archipelago. Its islands are all surrounded by the coral reef that makes this place perfect for snorkeling and diving. Ari atoll encloses some of the most wonderful islands and beaches of the archipelago.
The most tourist and equipped islands are Velidhu, Kudafolhudhoo, Maayafushi and Rangali.
Ukulhas, a well-served island, offers an incredible natural landscape and indeed some of the best Maldives beaches. A paradise for diving and snorkeling, you might have the chance to swim with huge marine turtles.
Rasdhoo is a small and traditional island, still well-equipped and organized. It is a real treasure for divers and snorkelers who want to see giant marine creatures (such as hammerhead sharks, mantas, dolphins and turtles) and to enjoy the incredibly colorful coral reef.
Thoddoo is an inhabited and peaceful island in the northern Ari atoll. Its natural landscape and long white sand beach make it one of the best Maldives beaches.

Swimming with turtles in the top beaches in the Maldives

5) Baa Atoll 

It is a must for snorkeling and diving fans: a natural paradise both underwater and on the surface that has been declared UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Here you can find some of the most heavenly beaches of the Maldives.

Fulhadhoo island's beach is considered one of the best beaches not only in the Maldives, but also in the world. All you can find is a fishing village, plenty of palms, white fine sand and blue waters. It is the perfect place to observe the coral reef and to swim with turtles and dolphins around the deserted islets in the surroundings.
Fehendhoo is a sparsely populated island with a small village and is surrounded just by green jungle, white sand and turquoise sea. It is the perfect place to feel away from civilization into contact with nature and marine creatures. There is a beach where bikini is allowed.
Finolhu Kanifushi island has a long strip of white sand that connects it to other small islands in the surroundings: it will be like walking on water.

6) Lhaviyani Atoll 

It includes some of the most beautiful and luxury islands and beaches of the Maldives.
Kanuhura beach (Kuredu Island), with its fine white sand, its  palms and paradisiac water, is one of the most famous.

Astonishing beaches in the Maldives archipelago - Kuredu island7) Shaviyani Atoll

Local beaches here are absolutely amazing. This atoll is located in the north part of the archipelago and it is one of the less tourist and most unspoiled areas of the Maldives.

Now that you have an idea of the top beaches in the Maldives, you only have to choose your perfect place, book your holiday and live your dream.

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