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Cancun Nightlife: Welcome to the Best Clubs in Cancun

Nightlife in Cancun has progressively become famous, since in the last twenty years the city has turned into one of the favorite university students' destinations during spring break.
Being a fundamental part of Cancun’s tourist economy, nightlife is as important and well-organized as daytime life: restaurants, bars and nightclubs are extremely refined and welcoming.

You only have to choose the perfect place for you.

Nightlife in Cancun can start from the beach

In Cancun there are clubs and nightclubs for all tastes and  all budgets, from the less ambitious to the most luxurious and sophisticated ones, offering also exclusive VIP areas and events.
Generally, you pay for an all-you-can-drink cover ticket at the entrance.
All places offer dancing, themed performances and non-stop music from disco and jazz to techno, from salsa and merengue to rock, from traditional Mexican music to reggae, with the most famous DJs of the country or live music, all accompanied by spectacular lasers and light shows.

Many places are restaurants until 9/10 pm and become then bars and nightclubs.
Senor Frogs (http://www.senorfrogs.com/cancun/), for example, is a children-friendly restaurant with kids’ menu that, after kids' bedtime, turns into a nightclub offering glow parties (on Sundays) and foam parties (on Wednesdays).

What’s the Best Program for an Intense Nightlife in Cancun?

Well, you could start with a drink in a bar: many hotels have their own bars and usually organise bar hopping tours to different nightclubs. This will help you to skip the line to get inside, that is generally very long (but the party is always worth the wait!).

Otherwise you can follow your tastes or mood and choose a place from the best and most famous clubs of Cancun, that mostly concentrate in the hotel zone of the city.

Cancun nightlife and clubs

8 Top Clubs and Nightclubs in Cancun

1. Roots jazz club and restaurantRoots jazz club and restaurant, in downtown Cancun is the most hippie club and it hosts important reggae, jazz and rock bands, and sometimes also flamenco shows.

2. Grand Mambo Cafe and Sabor Latino 
Both located in Plaza Hong Kong, they are ideal for visitors who are fond of Salsa, Merengue and Bachat.

3. La Vaquita 

Do you like hip hop, dance, latino music, litros of your favorite drink and no rules?
La Vaquita is the best place for you. It is a nice and new open-air bar with caw-themed decorations and sexy dancers ready to warm up your night.

4. Cocobongo Show & Disco

Cocobongo is one of the most popular nightclubs during spring break.
Are you after incredible shows all the time? This is the right place. You will see acrobats and even Spiderman flying on your head, and incredible dancers performing on Michael Jackson's songs. The code word here is to dance and dance wherever you can find a spot.
Congo, a small refined open-air club, is Cocobongo's less expensive offspring.

5. Dady'O Nightclub

If you are in your twenties (or you feel like that) and you like crazy dances, latino, techno, hip hop music and spectacular scenic designs do not miss Dady'O nightclub. Here you will have the chance to meet many celebrities. It looks like a five level huge cave with a big dance floor in the middle and intense colorful lighting effects. You will enjoy the performance of the best local Djs and live bands, and its popular bikini contests. It is one of the oldest and most famous club of the city. Dady Rock, nearby the Dady'O, attracts real rock-and-roll lovers.

Clubbing in Cancun

6. Mandala
Inspired by the colors and fragrances of the Indian ambiance, Mandala is one of the most refined and popular nightclubs of the party zone. You will perceive a VIP atmosphere all around.
If you want to experience a night pool party close to the seaside, you cannot miss Mandala Beach Club on Tuesdays.

7. Palazzo NightclubThis famous club has been recently renewed and it is considered one of the hottest in Cancun, well known for its stripper pole contests, but also for inviting the best DJs of the country performing the best music!

8. The City
An authentic must if you love really crowded crazy parties. This club is the biggest of Latin America, and it can accommodate up to 5000 people, all dancing and singing!
It hosts famous artists and offers all kind of music, besides many different breath-taking acrobatic shows.

Enjoy the sun rising after clubbing in Cancun

Just in Time for Sunrise

Once you get out the club, it will be time for sunrise, we promise.

So, if you want to fully enjoy Mexican summer-life and make the most of your days (wonderful white beaches during the day and intense party-life at night), then Cancun is the place where you want to be: fun is guaranteed all day and all night.

After a day spent on one of the most astonishing beaches of the area, get ready for a very long night full of music, dance and energy.

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