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Nature Holidays in Gothenburg: Things To Do & Hotels

If you love nature and Northern Europe, a trip to Sweden is one of the most suitable solutions, given the wide tourist offer for this type of vacations.
Among the cities to choose as headquarters for a sojourn amidst the green, Gothenburg is certainly the ideal choice: located near the mouth of the Göta älv river, not far from the Kattegat, this city has amazing and varying sceneries, among sea, rivers, hinterland, and majestic places to visit over your stay in the nature of Gothenburg, Sweden.

panoramic view of Gothenburg

In such a city, a hotel located near the centre is the best choice to take advantage of all its potential. Among the hotels of Gothenburg we suggest:
  • the Hotel Elite Park Avenue, in Kungsportavenyn, 36-38, a four-star accommodation near the Municipal Theatre and the Art Museum, offering rooms equipped with complete quality furnishings and 2 restaurants to meet the tastes of all its guests 
  • the Hotel Elite Plaza, located in Västra Hamngatan, 3, a 5-tar hotel which provides for the maximum comfort and many services, from sauna to an equipped gym, from its two pubs to its restaurant, all of this just 500 m from the Nordstan Shopping Mall.
Hall of the Elite Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg

There are several places to see and things to do in Gothenburg, both inside and outside the city, which is the second most important city of the country, a lively centre from a cultural and musical standpoint, with many classical and soft music events and its important museums.

Originally ancient military forts, the must-see places in Gothenburg are definitely its large city parks, the Kungsparken and the Trädgårdsföreningen, or its urban buildings, such as the Kungliga Slotten, the royal palace, the fish market Feskekörka, the Torstensson Palace, or the palace of the Swedish East India Company, all of the modern age, and well preserved.
Also, for theme park lovers, there is the Liseberg Amusement Park.

sunset over Gothenburg harbor

Among the most important natural reserves to explore during your nature holidays in Gothenburg, there is certainly the Slottsskogen Park: an authentic lung of the city, located South-East of the centre, covering 13700 sqm, it has been a reserve area since the end of the '800s.
Its forests and groves act as refuge to many animal endemic species, like the wild deer and the tawny oak, but it also houses a zoo, where you can admire elks, horses and penguins, as well as the smaller yard animals.

Gothenburg, Slottsskogen Park

The park can be explored through several paths crossing it, or you can collect wild berries, or engage in particular activities, such as mini-golf or Frisbee-golf, hosted over the warmest season.

Outside Gothenburg, in the South-East area of the city's countryside, you'll find another must-see location, the Delsjön Lake, made up by 2 connected water basins: the Great Lake, and the Small Lake. Here you can go hiking, take kayak excursions, trek among the forests or on the plane paths; in winter, it is a suggestive destination where you can engage in cross-country skiing. This is definitely one of the most interesting places in Gothenburg.

dawn over Delsjön Lake

To stay on the water theme, one the most spectacular things to do to explore Gothenburg and its beauty, is certainly to take an organized boat tour of the city: leaving from the centre, in Kungsportplatsen, you cross the entire city along its rivers, going through its largest parks, Kungsparken and Trädgårdsföreningen, up to the docks; this suggestive route, which takes about 50 minutes, allows you to admire the bridges of the city from an unusual perspective, including the most famous one, the Osthyveln.

Outside the city, but easy to reach, there are the Koster Islands, 2 hours north of the city.
This archipelago is made up by 2 islands, Koster North and Koster South, and represents one of the nature paradises of the country, inhabited by only 300 people, and offering infinite trekking paths.
Koster South, with its flat morphology, is particularly inviting for bicycle rides, thanks to which you will be able to explore the wide beaches or the small urban centres of the hinterland; Koster North, which is less populated, more rocky, and full of hills, is perfect for challenging trekking trips, leading to breathtaking sceneries.

nature holidays in Gothenburg, Sweden

In conclusion, over your summer holidays in Gothenburg, you will have the chance to enjoy a lively and amazing city, rich of cultural, musical, gastronomical, and landscape attractions; this place will be able to meet all your travel tastes with a rich and diversified offer in its urban centre and its surrounding region: it is the perfect destination for your nature holidays in Sweden.

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