Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Getaways 2015: Our Tips

Christmas is fast approaching, how do you dream of spending your holidays?
Do you wish to take a nice vacation in a quiet mountain resort that looks like Santa Claus' famous village? Or would you prefer to stay in a big city and attend some trendy event? Or maybe you'd rather take advantage of these holidays for taking a bath in the sea?

christmas getaways

To make your holidays magic, would like to suggest 7 exciting destinations around the world, because remember: it doesn't matter what are your ideas for Christmas 2015, we have what you're looking for.


Spend your Christmas holidays or a few days in the snow of Courmayeur, in northern Italy, skiing on its famous slopes. This famous ski resort is situated on the slopes of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.

Mont Blanc in Aosta Valley
If you love Christmas markets and going shopping, well, you might just consider spending a few days in Courmayeur, because living the magic of Christmas in this lovely Italian town is a true spectacle: music, food stands, and delicious mulled wine await you around every corner. 

special offer for christmas holiday in Courmayeur, Italy


Spending the Christmas holidays in London is a wonderful experience: among cool parties, Christmas markets, museums, and ice skating, it's impossible to get bored. During the Christmas season, London has a unique atmosphere. 

christmas holidays in London, UK
Enjoy a romantic and pleasant evening tour among the streets of the city centre, surrounded by Christmas decorations and coloured lights and don't miss the Christmas markets in Camden Town, Portobello and Borough Market.

special offer for christmas holiday in London, UK

The "City of Lights" always amazes its visitors. At the centre of the Place de la Concorde a wonderful Ferris wheel is installed, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the unmistakable lit Champs-Elysée and of the Tuileries Gardens

The Champs-Elysée for christmas in Paris, France

In addition to the glittering decorations, the Ville Lumière gets ready for Christmas with markets, carousels, ice skating rinks, shows, concerts and theme parties: everything you need for an unforgettable Christmas. Also, shopping enthusiasts can't miss the opportunity to visit the Galleries Lafayette.
If you have decided to spend a glittering 2015 Christmas in Paris, you just have to book your ideal hotel in the magical Ville Lumière.

special offer for christmas holiday in Paris, France

New York at Christmas has a unique atmosphere. It's impossible to resist the charm of the Big Apple at this time of the year, with its glittering decorations and its glamorous events.
The lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre, in Manhattan officially launches the holiday season in New York. In addition to this great famous Christmas tree, if you want to try out a truly unique experience, the Rockefeller Centre is also famous for its ice rink.

christmas 2015 in new york
In New York too there are several Christmas markets staged in various locations throughout the city, such as in Union Square, Columbus Circle, Bryant Park, within the Winter Village and at the Grand Central Terminal, in the Vanderbit Hall.
The Christmas atmosphere, the city's decorations and the Christmas-themed showcases on Fifth Avenue are only three of the things that could make your Christmas 2015 in New York special.

special offer for christmas holiday in New York, USA

Situated along the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, Bangkok is regarded as one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. Bangkok is a city divided between modernity and tradition which offers countless tourist attractions of every kind.

christmas in Bangkok
Have you ever considered spending your Christmas 2015 in Bangkok? Despite being a mostly Buddhist country, even here you will be able to breathe the Christmas atmosphere thanks to the large Christmas trees and lights that colour and decorate part of the city centre of Bangkok and every shopping centre.

special offer for christmas holiday in Bangkok


If you prefer spending your Christmas holidays in a hot location, all you have to do is put a swimsuit in your suitcase and choose between the amazing Dubai or the cheerful Havana.

Dubai, an extraordinary metropolis where dreams come true and buildings seem to touch the sky, could be your ideal destination for the upcoming Christmas holidays if you're looking for a mix of relaxation, innovation, bustling city life and wild nature.

chistmas holidays 2015 in Dubai

Here in Dubai you certainly won't find the typical Christmas markets of northern Europe, but you'll be able to dive right in the largest shopping malls of the city, adorned for the occasion, and go wild shopping.

special offer for christmas holiday in Dubai

What better location to spend a Christmas under the sun if not Havana, in the Caribbean Sea?

christmas holidays in Havana, Cuba

Sun, sea and culture are the 3 main ingredients for a perfect Christmas getaway in the Caribbean. Take advantage of our unmissable offers in Havana, search the hotel that suits you best, and GO!

special offer for christmas holiday in Havana

One of the most appreciated hotels in the Cuban capital is no doubt elegant 5-star Saratoga Hotel, with its rooftop pool from where you can enjoy amazing views of the surroudings. They are famous for serving delicious mojitos.

To recap... These are our 7 best proposals to help you prepare for your holidays. Whether you want to spend your Christmas with your family, friends or with your partner, in the snow, in a city or at the beach, take a look at our offers for Christmas 2015 and indulge yourself with this fantastic gift.

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