Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The 8 Most Annoying Plane Seatmates | Hotelsclick.com Infographic

Come on, let's face it… Everybody can mention at least one flight that did not stand out for comfort but was actually the worst plane journey (or one of the worst) in their life.

Indeed, there are several things that can bother us and get on our nerves while flying.

Let's make a couple of examples.
Some people can't bear to have kids crying next to them or children kicking the rear seat.
Others don’t like to be disturbed by someone who constantly needs to go to the toilet or to take something from the overhead locker.
In addition, there are people who cannot stand a very talkative seatmate.

So, what are the most irritating passengers you can meet on a flight?

We asked all our users who have recently booked low-cost flights, domestic flights or international flights on our site. Why that? Because, although we are specialized in hotel booking, on Hotelsclick.com you can also buy flights, transfers, ferries and some other travel-related services.

the passengers you wouldn't want to have next to you on a plane
According to the collected data, it seems that one of the most annoying airplane seatmates is the one who constantly needs to get up, could be to take something from the backpack or simply to stretch. We have called him "the Restless", by far one of the worst plane seatmates ever.

Ever had a wanna-be Karate Kid sitting next? Overall a nice chap, apart from a very annoying habit, namely kicking and punching other passengers' seats.

There's another type of passenger that can cause you a profound nervous breakdown: the one who, at regular intervals, asks to go to the toilet, reason why we have affectionately called him the Weak Bladder.

Another irritating type of passenger you can meet on a plane is the Chatty One who, by definition, loves talking, regardless of the fact that his or her seatmate just wants to relax or read a book in peace.

And what about the Cumbersome? According to our survey, it seems that many fliers find really annoying to travel with people who are not respectful of someone else's space and end up invading seats, armrests and even aisles.

Last but not least, we can mention 3 more plane passengers who just ignore flight etiquette. Here they are:
  • the Happy Family, i.e. the family travelling with very energetic kids that often get difficult to manage
  • the stinking Killer Armpit, the seatmate exuding intense aromas that you may not appreciate
  • the Fussy, the passenger who stores personal belongings in the overhead locker very carefully and slowly, getting on nerves of people trying to get through
Well, we had great fun collecting all these curious types of airplane passengers in our infographic so to outline an ironic identikit of the worst travelling seatmates that we possibly meet on a flight. Some of us actually already experienced one... Let's only hope the flight is gonna be short!

Hotelsclick.com infographic of the most annoying seatmates on a flight
What about you? What is your take on this?
What are the most annoying seatmates that you had the bad luck to meet during a flight?
Let us know.
The worst airplane seatmates Infographic by Hotelsclick.com

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