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The best wellness hotels in Germany, between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria

In southern Germany, between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria, are located some of the best wellness hotels of the country: the ideal places if you are looking for a pleasant and relaxing vacation.
And if you want to combine a pampering vacation with a cultural holiday, then Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are the ideal destinations for you.

Best Wellness Hotels in South Germany

Discover these 4 thermal resorts in southern Germany, between the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria where to organise your wellness holiday:

1. Baden-Baden
2. Freiburg
3. Bad Gögging
4. Munich

Choose the hotel with spa that best suits your needs and enjoy your vacation between the Black Forest and the city of Munich.


Immersed in the greenery, the region of Baden-Wurttemberg is appreciated and renowned as spa Land. It's the ideal destination to spend holidays and weekends in absolute tranquility, especially thanks to its thermal water that allows you to rejuvenate body and mind, facilitating the reduction of the accumulated stress from life in the city.

In addition to spa and wellness, Baden-Württemberg is also famous for its excellent local cuisine: a must is the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, the Black Forest cake, made with whip cream, chocolate and cherry spirit (you can see the full recipe here).

wellness holiday in the black forest southern germany

The main town of Baden-Wurttemberg are the capital Stuttgart, FreiburgHeidelberg, Tübingen and Karlsruhe; close to major centres, there are a few cities decidedly smaller, but very attractive.
In particular, today we propose you two fascinating villages where you can organize a truly pleasant vacation.

1. Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is a small town of Baden-Wurttemberg, famous worldwide as one of the most popular spa towns in Germany. The mineral waters are particularly suitable for those who suffer from heart problems, circulatory and respiratory conditions. It is located in the west of Baden-Wurttemberg and immersed in the Schwarzwald (the Black Forest), a few kilometres from Alsace, near the border with France, and also close to Stuttgart.

Among the hotels with spa in Baden-Baden we recommend without a doubt the Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, a lovely 5 star hotel.

double room brenners park hotel & spa baden-baden

For those on a small budget, we propose these hotels: the Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel and Leonardo Royal Baden-Baden.

In the city centre there are the so-called Caracalla Spa, one of the largest spas in Europe, with over 3000 square metres with ample thermal pools, saunas, whirlpools, Turkish bath, waterfalls and water jets of various types.

In Baden-Baden you can visit the Roman Baths Ruins, a museum where you can discover and understand the spa culture and the numerous health benefits of the springs of Baden-Baden.

This German city hosts also the Festspielhaus, the famous opera house, which organizes shows, operas and concerts of wide cultural interest all year long.
There are also a lot of activities for sports enthusiasts; in particular, Baden-Baden is a paradise for golfers and for those who practice horse riding, climbing and paragliding.

2. Freiburg

Freiburg is certainly a must for anyone travelling in the area of the Black Forest.
In particular, for those wishing to combine a cultural holiday to the possibility of relaxing in dream pools, then Freiburg is the right choice.
Located in the south-west of Baden-Wurttemberg and very close to the borders with France and Switzerland, Freiburg is one of the most eco-friendly cities in Germany. Its pollution levels are among the lowest in Germany, because the citizens of Freiburg prefer to  move without the use of the machine.

freiburg landscape at night

As mentioned, the city is full of beautiful historical attractions. In particular, you should visit the Freiburger Münster, the cathedral of the XIII century in the square of Münsterplatz, which usually takes place on the market.
For the overnight, between the various spa hotels available in Freiburg, we suggest the Hotel Dorint An den Thermen Freiburg: the healing waters of the spa center of Keidel Mineral Thermalbad are particularly suitable for the treatment of respiratory disorders and cardiovascular.

external spa keidel mineral thermalbad


The largest region in Germany is the Bavaria. Located in the south-east of the country is an area to be discovered.

Beloved by travellers for the large number of enchanted castles, pristine forests and spectacular lakes, this region of Germany is the ideal place to take picture postcards.
This charming Land is perfect for any vacation; culture, environment, nature, entertainment, wellness and thermal waters are the right ingredients for an unforgettable vacation in Bavaria. Big cities, small villages, ancient sites, here, comes out the German personality, in a truly unique setting.

wellness holiday in baviera southern germany

The entertainment ranging from concerts to music festivals to cultural and artistic.
Golden land for those who love nature and sports activities, both in winter and in summer, from skiing to snowboarding, from hiking to cycling.
Not only sports, but also a lot of wellness, for those in search of absolute relaxation and want to be delighted with pleasant thermal waters in the numerous wellness hotels.

3. Bad Gögging

Bad Gögging is located in Lower Bavaria, not far from Munich. It's a very popular spa town chosen by European tourists as holiday destination for its excellent curative thermal water.

In this small town in Bavaria, since the days of the Roman Empire, are offered effective spa treatments thanks to the sulphurous waters and springs that flow from underground.

Among the wellness hotels with spa, we point out the The Monarch Hotel, a four star superior hotel that features an elegant wellness area and where you can enjoy some special spa treatments. From the hotel you can easily walk to the nearby Limes-Therme Bad Gögging, to taste and experience a well-being even more complete.

internal spa hotel the monarch bad gögging

After a refreshing break, you can explore the architectural wonders of Bad Gögging, the walls that evoke the Middle Ages to the quaint streets that characterize the old town, maybe riding a bicycle to discover the hidden corners of the place.

4. Munich

Every year the capital of Bavaria is visited by millions of tourists. Famous for its events, first of all the Oktoberfest, the popular beer festival, the city of Munich has many tourist attractions.
Here, tradition and fun, history and modernity are combined, offering many opportunities to be seized.

city centre of munich in southern germany

The most important attractions offered by the city depart from its historical center. Marienplatz is the heart of the old city, the starting point for discovering palaces, monuments and churches that history has left us, in short, a veritable outdoor museum.

Not to be missed and definitely recommended for our travellers are the Hofbräuhaus, the most famous brewery of Munich, the Frauenkirche, charming Gothic cathedral, the Viktualienmarkt, the famous food market of the city.
Excursions, tours, walks, but also well-being for body and mind: in Munich you can find many hotels with spa, including the elegant Hotel Bayerischer Hof Wellness center equipped with "Blue Spa" where you can enjoy moments of relaxation after visiting the city.

blue spa hotel bayerischer hof munich for a wellness holiday

We wish you bon voyage and good relaxation in the best wellness hotels in southern Germany between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria.

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