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Dubrovnik | Croatia: What to see among the Beaches and the Hotels on the Sea

Along the Dalmatian coast, in southern Croatia, there is a charming city enclosed on a strip of land...
What city are we talking about? A little hint: it is called the Pearl of the Adriatic. Haven’t you guessed?
In this mini-guide we will lead you to discover Dubrovnik, one of the top resorts in Croatia thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage, its beautiful blue sea and its breathtaking coastline. These are the perfect ingredients for a holiday in Croatia that you won't forget easily.
If you have not planned your summer vacation, read our tips on Dubrovnik and be ready for a memorable summer holiday.

1. Dubrovnik: What to See
2. The Best Beaches of Dubrovnik
3. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival
4. Where to Stay
5. Traditional Cuisine
6. How to Get to Dubrovnik
7. When to Go to Dubrovnik

dubrovnik old town

1. Dubrovnik: What to See

The rich cultural and historical heritage of Dubrovnik makes this city a precious jewel to cherish and preserve. Follow our advice so you will not miss the best sights of Dubrovnik.

The Old City Walls
You cannot miss the city walls acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
We advise you to take a relaxing stroll along the walls, admiring the deep blue sea on the one side, and the narrow streets, the squares and the other numerous attractions of Dubrovnik on the other.

dubrovnik wall

Orlando's Column
This stone column portrays the legendary Roland, the main character of the most important Medieval  literary works in Europe, the Chanson de Roland.
Orlando was the protector of trade in Dubrovnik and today the Orlando's Column is very important as it symbolizes the independence and freedom of the city.

dubrovnik orlando's column

It is the main urban area of the city.
A walk along this road, right in the heart of the old city, is a must. Along the Stradun, also known as Placa, paving dates back to 1468, you can meet a variety of attractions, including the Fountain of Onofrio and the Franciscan Monastery of Brace.

dubrovnik stradun

The Great Fountain of Onofrio
This attraction is part of the “things not to miss” list in Dubrovnik. The Great Fountain of Onofrio symbolizes the salvation of the city when, in the fifteenth century, there was the problem of water supply.

The Franciscan Monastery of Brace
Located at the end of the Stradun, this monastery is important for the cultural life of the city. Inside you will find a library with numerous manuscripts, and the oldest pharmacy in Europe.

dubrovnik franciscan monastery of brace

Nautical Museum
This interesting museum exhibits various ship models reconstructed on scale, commercial and combat naval flags, as well as numerous weapons and authentic maps of the Adriatic.

The Cable Car of Dubrovnik
The city of Dubrovnik, seen from the top of the of Srd hill, evokes truly amazing emotions. You can reach this point in a cable car which, in only 4 minutes, will take you to an altitude of about 400 metres. For more information:

dubrovnik cable car

2. The Best Beaches of Dubrovnik

The whole Croatia is renowned for its beautiful beaches, but those of Dubrovnik are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the country.
Come with us and discover the best beaches in Dubrovnik:

Copacabana Beach
On the Lapad Peninsula, at a short distance from the centre, the Copacabana beach is one of the most popular among vacationers. Full of attractions and tourist services, the beach is ideal for water sports enthusiasts.

Banje Beach
It is situated close to Dubrovnik and offers great views of the old city walls. The coastline of golden sand and gravel is washed by a crystal blue sea.
During the night, the beach is lit by the lights of restaurants and bars, including the popular Eastwest Beach Club, the trendiest nightclub in Dubrovnik and the heart of the city’s nightlife.

dubrovnik banje beach

Sveti Jakov Beach
This attractive beach is at a distance of only one kilometre from the city. Its characteristics are sand and gravel and it is especially popular among those who prefer places less frequented by tourists, a tranquil environment. In short, a truly magical place that is reached, however, via a stairway of 163 steps (this explains why it is not very crowded).

dubrovnik sveti jakov beach

Uvala Lapad Beach
A beach equipped with all the comforts, providing all kinds of services, it is among the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik. Surrounded by greenery, it features a backdrop of sand and pebbles, where you can enjoy water sports.

Lokrum Island
This charming island is about 15 minutes away on ferry and is part of the Elaphiti Islands group. It's the ideal place to spend a summer day dedicated to the sun and the sea. Within the island you can also choose to dive in the salty lake of Mrtvo More or visit the remains of a Benedictine monastery, where there is also a small restaurant.

dubrovnik lokrum island

3. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Historically, Croatian nightlife is particularly popular among young people as well as families. The main stage of summer is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the trendiest event in Croatia, which takes place every year from July 10 to August 25. Classical music, dance, theater and folklore, are the special ingredients of this magical event. The first edition took place in 1950 and since then, it is the most expected event of the summer. The Rector's Palace, one of the most important buildings of the city as a former seat of government, often hosts concerts during the Festival.

4. Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Hotels in the area of Dubrovnik are numerous and range from family-run facilities to luxurious facilities on the sea. The most booked and enthusiastically recommended by our users hotels are: the luxurious Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Dubrovnik Sun Gardens Hotel, located near the city of Dubrovnik and offering wonderful views of the Dalmatian sea, in front of the small island of Kolocep, part of Elaphiti Islands. Another hotel with great views of the sea, situated on the Babin Kuk peninsula, is the Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, ideal for families and couples who want to be pampered by the tranquillity and splendour of the place. The Villa Amfora Dubrovnik Hotel, is the ideal hotel for easy access to the city centre, and to the main beaches.

double room radisson blu resort & spa dubrovnik sun gardens hotel

5. Dubrovnik Local Cuisine

When traveling in these parts, you can't leave before having tried the delicacies of Dubrovnik, based on fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat and fish cooked with typical spices. Most restaurants in the city serve delicious and healthy dishes according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet. We recommend a visit to the Amfora Restaurant for you to enjoy good food.

dubrovnik local cuisine

6. How to get to Dubrovnik

For easy access to the city, the best means of transport is the plane. The Dubrovnik Airport is about 30 minutes by car or bus from the city centre. For short trips we advise you to use the public transport, but if you prefer more comfort you'll want to hire a car, so you can visit different beaches every day. From Italy, it is also possible to reach Dubrovnik by sea, thanks to the various cruise lines and sailing ships.


7. When to Go to Dubrovnik

Undoubtedly, the best time to enjoy the sea of Dubrovnik is the summer: the swimming season begins in May and ends in October.

The feature that surprises most of the visitors who choose Dubrovnik as a destination for their summer holidays, is the intense play of colors of the green Dalmatian coast, overlooking a deep blue clear sea, enhanced by the red roofs of the houses. Welcome to Dubrovnik.

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