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Malaga Hotels and Beaches: Ideas for Holidays in Costa del Sol

Welcome to Malaga, Pablo Picasso's hometown and one of the oldest cities of the world. Founded by the Phoenicians in the eight century BC, its cultural and historical heritage has been modeled and enriched by Arab, Roman and Greek influences. 
This enchanting city along the Costa del Sol is really a pearl of Spain, with its historic center and a superb cultural heritage, monuments, museums, walking boulevards and old tortuous streets waiting to be discovered.
It's impossible to get bored in Malaga. From the warm welcome to the exquisite cuisine and the entertaining movida and festivals, everything is made to make you enjoy your stay.
If you are planning your next holiday under the sun in Malaga, then you should read our tips… here are some useful information to organize your trip in the best way.

What to see in Malaga

Malaga is a city full of historical and artistic attractions. Where should you begin? Don't worry, we already made a list of things you absolutely shouldn't miss. Here they are:

- The Castelo de Gibralfaro
Built in the fourteenth century as a residence for the troops protecting Alcazaba, King Yusef I de Granada later turned it into a fortress. This Moorish castle is one of the most visited sites in Malaga.

- The Arab fortress of Alcazaba, whose name means citadel,is one of the symbols of the city. Alcazaba was linked to the castle by a fortified and protected passageway.
At the foot of the Gibralfaro Mount, from this Moorish fortress you will enjoy a breathtaking view. The entrance to the fortress, called The Arch of Christ, will leave you speechless. As soon as you step inside it, you will enjoy a series of beautiful courtyards and open air Arab gardens.

- The Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga
Built between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, it is one of the most important Reinassance monuments in the whole Andalusia. The cathedral is also known as de La Manquita (the unfinished one) because, despite the original project featured two towers, one was left unfinished. Inside you can find a beautiful seventeenth century choir made of carved cedar and mahogany.

Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga

Plaza de toros de La Malagueta
The famous arena, built in 1874, is at the foot of the Alcazaba fortress and the Castelo de Gibralfaro. You can still enjoy a corrida, one of the symbols of Spain in the world.

- The Picasso Museum
Art lovers, and not only them, will enjoy this museum, witnessing Picasso's artistic pathway through his canvas, china and drawings.
For more information on prices and opening hours, check here:
Other works by Picasso and information about his careers can be found in his house in Plaza de la Merced, now turned into a museum.
For further information on Museo Casa Natal:

- The City Hall
Located on Cervantes Avenue, it is a marvelous example of Art Deco in Malaga. Its glass windows, the wrought iron decorations and the handlebar in the main staircase are absolutely a must-see.

- The beaches
For those who want to stay close to the city center, the closest beach is Malagueta, a sandy beach where you can find lots of “chiringuitos” to quickly eat or drink. 
If you are traveling with your children, we warmly suggest El Candado and Caleta.
These beaches are very well equipped with deck chairs, beach umbrellas, showers and parking lots. You can also practice a lot of water sports here.

the famous Malagueta Beach in Malaga

Experiencing movida in Malaga

You will never get bored in Malaga! Beach, water sports, excursion of cultural visits, life goes on quickly until the evening, when it's impossible not to be caught by the MalagueƱa movida, another local attraction. Live music, pubs, typical hangouts and more. Every evening there is something new to do!
To fully experience the real movida in Malaga, you should hang around the cathedral areas and also in Calles Granada and Beatas. Lots of trendy places can also be found at La Malagueta.

spanish tapas to start the movida

Then, why not start your evening with a Andalusian style aperitif?
Do not miss the typical Spanish tapas like espetos de sardinas (grilled sardines) or the famous Jamon with a good glass of wine. “If you want to taste the real Spanish cuisine, go to Tapeo de Cervantes, no way to be disappointed!

Festivals you shouldn't miss

Malaga also hosts a lot of folklore and religious festivals. Besides flamenco and dancers in costumes, you can also find oeno-gastronomics booths.
Amongst the most important celebrations of the Spanish culture, it is impossible not to mention the Feria de Malaga, the Holy Week and the Cabalgada de los Reyes Magos.

La Feria de Malaga celebrates the Moorish defeat and the subsequent reconquer by the Catholic King in 1487. you cannot miss this celebration starting on the third Friday of August for nine days. All the city will be flooded with colors, music, equestrian sports and a lot of fun.

celebrating the feria de malaga

The Semana Santa is another heartfelt celebration. During the Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, days are marked by processions, where local people carry sacred images all around the place. If you want to experience the celebrations of the Holy Week, we think you should stay at the Tribuna hotel.

Another very popular festival in Malaga is the Cabalgada de los Reyes Magos in January. If you want to learn more about the Three Kings Parade, have a look at our article.

Boarding in Malaga

Malaga offers a wide range of offers about where to board according to your budget.
We strongly recommend two hotels, which HotelsClick users greatly appreciated for both their local and the excellent value for money.

The first one is Hotel Room Mate Lola, recommended by young couples, small groups of friends, families with children. Its modern design, excellent service and the central location are absolutely a plus for this hotel. If the movida made you stay up a bit too late, or if you travel with people who sleep late, do not worry – breakfast is served to twelve noon. 
The other recommended hotel is the Hotel Sercotel Malaga, and ideal place if you want to match a holiday at the seaside with a desire to discover the city historical heritage.

view over the harbour in Malaga

How to reach Malaga

Airplane is the most comfortable way to reach Malaga from Italy. The main low-cost companies and national-flight airlines connect Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport (AGP), one of the biggest airports in Spain. If you're looking for a flight to Malaga have a look at our offers.

In the city we recommend public transportation or, if you want to be more independent, you can rent a car. Lots of rent-a-car companies with good prices can be found at the airport, although it is better to book in advance.

When to visit Malaga

Malaga has a nice weather during the whole year, around 22 degrees, about 72°F. If you are planning your next trip to Malaga for the summer and love the Spanish sun, you should come in July and August. If, on the other hand, you do not like peak season, you can always plan your trip in the preceding or following months.

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