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Vieste: Sea, Beaches and Hotels: What To See and Where To Sleep

Here are some clues.

It is a small town near Foggia, about 110 miles from Bari...
It is also known as “The Pearl of Gargano” and it is part of the Gargano National Park...

Did you get it? No?! Come discover it with us!

Situated on the most eastern part of Gargano, Vieste is famous for its huge crystal clear beaches and its many tourist structures. Its beautiful landscapes, its rocks overhanging the sea and its historical center are also world famous.

Would you like to visit this part of Italy but you don't know how?
Follow our simple tips. Find your hotel for your holidays at the beach and enjoy a fantastic stay in Gargano.

1. What To see in Vieste
2. Typical Activities in Gargano
3. Accommodation in Vieste
4. How To Reach Vieste
5. When It is Best Going to Visit Vieste

Hotels in Vieste-Puglia

1. What To See in Vieste: Tips and Suggestions from Our Users

Vieste historical center
Vieste picturesque and medieval historical center is characterized by beautiful and tortuous streets around white painted houses, steep staircases and old medieval buildings. The historical center revolves around Punta San Francesco, the Cathedral and the Castle built by Frederick II from Swabia.

The Sea in Vieste
For many years, thanks to the quality of its crystalline waters and its organized beaches, Vieste has been awarded the Blue Flag, an important award for holiday locations.
The sea in Vieste is simply breathtaking, with its natural coves, karstic phenomena and its grottoes.
Beaches have different depths. Some of them are surrounded by high rock walls, with clear green waters, as well as shallow and sandy beaches, perfect for families with young children.

Let us take a detailed glance at the most beautiful beaches in Vieste according to our users:

- Pizzomunno
In the southern part of Vieste, Spiaggia della Scialara is also known as Pizzomunno beach because of its big white monolith, one of the symbols of the Garganic city.

Vieste: view of the beach of Pizzomunno

This beach is the setting place of an old and interesting legend about the love between Pizzomunnno and Crisalda, a story every citizen knows very well and has been passed down from one generation to another.

"Once upon a time Vieste was only a small fishermen village where a young, tall and handsome young man named Pizzomunno lived. A very beautiful girl with golden hair, named Crisalda, lived in the same village. The two were deeply in love, a love so strong no one could separate them.

Every day Pizzomunno sailed with his boat and every day, when ashore, mermaids tried to seduce him singing. But Pizzomunno was faithful to her beloved one and refused to become their lover. 
One evening, as the two lovers peacefully lied on the beach waiting for the night, jealous mermaids dragged sweet Cristalda down into the depth of the sea and took her away from Pizzomunno for good. 

It was then that, petrified by grief and pain, the man turned into that white monolith which we can still see today. 
The legend says that every 100 years Crisalda emerges from the waters to reach her young lover to revive their love for only one night."

The monolith in the beach of Pizzomunno-Vieste

The shallow water makes this beach suitable for all people, especially those who cannot swim and families with children.

About the hotels around the beach we mention Pizzomunno B&b, a very comfortable bed and breakfast 50 meters from the beach. This is one of the most recommended accommodations from users who spent their holidays in Vieste.

- Spiaggia dei Colombi (the Doves Beach)
This wild beach, about one mile from central Vieste, is named after the “Grotta dei Colombi” and has a wonderful view over Trabucco (an old, typical fishing tool from these area). The beach can be accessed through trees and rocks and is therefore recommended for young people, small families, couples looking for relax, surfers and windsurfers.

Vieste is also the perfect location for those loving surf. One of users confirms that: "If you've practiced surf for many years and also if you are a beginner, I advice to stay at Hotel Gattarella Resort, where you can freely enjoy surfing or being trained by a good staff."

- Spiaggia di San Felice (Saint Felice Beach)
Many families who booked with us strongly recommend this exotic scented beach, 8 km from the road linking Vieste with Mattinata. Its shallow and sandy structure gives the water a characteristic color, from crystal blue to green. At sunset its color changes, becoming similar to the beach, just like Myrtos in Greece.

Architiello San Felice, along the sea of Vieste

Steeped in the green vegetation, in the bay bearing the same name, San Felice beach is the last sandy part before the indented coastline South of Vieste.
The bay us mostly famous for its Architiello, carved in the rock by the sea. According to an old legend it was made by the sea nymphs and tritons to honor Neptune, the god of waters.

Marine Grottoes in Vieste
Every day, sailing from the Vieste harbor, it is possible to visit the wonderful grottoes in Gargano. Along the entire coast, from Vieste to Mattinata, amongst thick vegetation and crystal clear waters, are many grottoes with bizarre names.

A sea cave of Vieste

Amongst the most famous ones are: Grotta dei Contrabbandieri (grotto of the smugglers), Grotta delle Campana (of the bell), named after its shape, Grotta del Faraone (of the Pharaoh), Grotta Sfondata (topless grotto), Grotta dei Due Occhi (the two-eyed grotto) named after the two small holes caused by the erosion of the sea.

La Foresta Umbra (the Umbra Forest)Besides the beautiful beaches, Vieste is famous for the Umbra Forest. This charming green area features a rich terrestrial fauna and many herbaceous plants. Its pathways allow to safely walk and enjoy the landscape. Pathways are easy to walk and, for those interested, it is also possible to rent mountain bikes.

2. Other Activities

Boat Trip Along the Vieste Coast
A boat trip along the coast offers breathtaking landscapes like the Architiello di San Felice and the Baia dei Campi (bay of the fields), one of the most suggestive coves in Gargano.

Architiello of San Felice, one of the things to see in a holiday in Vieste

Tremiti Islands
Thanks to the many ships sailing from the Vieste harbor, it is possible to visit the Tremiti Islands. This natural marine reserve is composed by four small islands, San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia and the small Cretaccio, is 12 miles from the Gargano coast.
In the San Nicola Island are old Greek tombs, neolithic finds and the Abbazia di S. Maria a Mare. Cala delle Arene, in San Domino Island, is the only sandy beach in this small archipelago. In Capraia, about 9 meters below the sea level, is a submerged statue of Padre Pio.

Panoramic photo of the Tremiti Islands

3. Accommodation in Vieste

Amongst all the hotel in the Vieste area, we recommend the Hotel Baia Dei Faraglioni Beach Resort, a very peculiar and interesting five star resort. The hotel located in Mattinata, in the heart of the Parco Biogenetico di Monte Barone, about 25 miles from the centre of Vieste. The Baia Dei Faraglioni Beach Resort with swimming pool and free wi-fi, with its elevator carved in the rocks from which it is possible to reach the pebble Baia Mergoli beach. Many users who stayed in this hotel recommend not to take the elevator but descending, to see the mighty Faraglioni.

View from the beach of Hotel Baia Dei Faraglioni Beach Resort in Mattinata-Foggia

4. How To Reach Vieste

Arriving in Vieste by car is surely one of the most comfortable ways. If you are planning your trip from far aways, you can reach Vieste flying to either Foggia or Bari and eventually rent a car to easily and freely visit the entire area.

The stacks of Mergoli Bay, Mattinata-Vieste

5. When It Is Best To Visit Vieste

The best time of the year to reach toe “Pearl of the Gargano” is between May and the end of September. Summer is the best time to fully enjoy the crystal clear sea and visit the beautiful surroundings as the Tremiti Islands and the Umbra Forest.

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