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Sunshine Holidays 2016: Travel Tips, Ideas and many Hotel Offers for your Holidays

How to find the perfect hotel in the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic at an unbeatable rate?
It's easy with the hotel offers on Hotelsclick.com and the travel tips of our mini guides!

Here's how to organize an unforgettable sunshine holiday in only 5 steps:

1. Have a look at our offers in the 7 most popular holiday locations in the Mediterranean and Atlantic area
2. Choose the ideal destination for your sunshine holidays
3. Find and book your hotel at advantageous rates
4. Read the travel tips of our special envoys to discover the most authentic side of the chosen location
5. Enjoy your paradise in the sun without worries 

hotel offers for sunshine holidays

Our offers for your Sunshine Holidays 2016

Does the temperature keep rising, or is it dropping too fast for your liking? Look for a place where to hide and enjoy the Mediterranean sun or one of the ventilated places on the Atlantic coastline.

If you need to pull the plug, follow our advice and get ready to leave for your holiday in the most beautiful destinations.
Whether with friends, family or with your other half, looking for adventure, wellness and relaxation, don't worry, we have the perfect destination for everyone!

sunshine holidays in portugal, Albufeira

Discover the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic area, where to book the ideal hotel for you at an unbeatable price, and enjoy your well-deserved beach holiday in the sun, under the banner of relaxation, sport, entertainment and, why not, culture.

From fashionable Nice in the French Riviera to Crete, where mythology blends with the natural wonders of the place, from Antalya in Turkey to the enchanting Spanish resorts of Majorca in the Balearic Islands, famous for its rich culture, through the cozy and cheerful Malaga in the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

sunshine holidays in Crete, Greece

And then two top holiday destinations by the sea along the Atlantic Coast that could not be omitted in our list. From the portuguese Albufeira, in the Algarve region, with its over 30 km-long coastline, touched by warm and clear waters, to Agadir, a fascinating Moroccan city which can leave lasting memories in those who visit it for its beauty, which is due to its prime geographical location between the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

7 most popular holiday locations in the Mediterranean and Atlantic area

Look at all of our hotel offers in detail and start to organize your sunshine holidays.
Discover the top 5 most beautiful destinations that are touched by the warm Mediterranean sea... :

- Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera
- The island of Crete for your holidays in Greece
- Malaga in Costa del Sol, Spain
- Mallorca the largest island among the Balearic Islands in Spain
- Nice on the French Riviera

... And the two most popular destinations on the Atlantic Coast:

- Agadir in Morocco
- Albufeira in the Algarve, Portugal

Travel tips by our special envoys

To help you plan your holidays better, as well as to offer you a wide selection of our best hotels in the area, we asked some consumers who have recently visited these destinations to give those who want to or who are about to leave some advice.

In the coming months we will publish on our blog some interesting insights on these 7 locations: some sort of mini-guides where you can find lots of useful information that will help you better plan your holiday, saving time in the organizational process, and discover the most authentic side of these locations.

sunshine holidays in Nice, on the French Riviera

In our in-depth analysis you can see a list of the most booked hotels by our users and you'll see all the suggestions that our "special envoys" have wanted to share with us: from the dish that shouldn't be missed to the most beautiful beaches, the most recommended restaurants and the attractions that you can't miss out on.

Be smart!
Travel in a relaxed way thanks to the advice by our guests who have visited these places before you and save money thanks to the competitive prices of hotels on Hotelsclick.com .

Book your hotel now and get ready to enjoy the true essence of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean thanks to the valuable advice of our special envoys.

Stay Tuned!

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