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The 12 Coolest Places to Spend New Year's Eve in the World (according to

Just a few days are left to New Year's Eve: countdown to say good bye to 2014 and welcome the year 2015 that is about to start.
Have you already decided where, how and who you are going to celebrate the year's longest eve?

At we'd like to take you on a tour around the world to discover together the sequence of the celebrations that will spice the night up between December 31 and January 1st.

If we refer to Greenwich Mean Time, the first people celebrating the arrival of 2015 will be the inhabitants of the Independent and Sovereign Republic of Kiribati, an island group located in Oceania, in the central Pacific Ocean: overall 33 atolls and reef islands straddling the Equator and the so-called International Date Line, an imaginary line running north-to-south on the surface of the Earth, established back in 1884.

At 11am, while the majority of us will be busy dressing up for the night or preparing the menu for the  big dinner, New Zealanders in Wellington, the country capital, and Auckland will be partying hard to greet 2015.
From now on, celebrations will follow one another around the globe.

How about you?
If you had the chance to choose, where would you like to spend your New Year's Eve?

Sydney, Australia
Let's fly to Australia, where at Sydney Harbour the traditional fireworks show will be held, just when in Italy clocks will be chiming 2 in the afternoon on December 31st.
On New Year's Eve, Sydney gets a very special charm, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world, eager to watch the jubilant fireworks. If you wish to visit the Australian capital and attend this superb event, you can rely on our special offers in Sydney.

Fireworks in Sydney Harbour

Tokyo, Japan
While in Japan Christmas is not a religious feast, and therefore a national holiday, New Year’s Eve is heart-felt. The last working day is on December 28th, and throughout the month of December in the Japanese companies are organized corporate parties called bōnenkai 忘年会 (literally, end of year’s banquet) to exchange greetings.
On New Year's Eve, people dress elegant clothes, many of them wear traditional Japanese clothing, and they use to spend this day with their family.
At midnight, when the bell rings, the whole family neatly go to the Buddhist or Shinto temple. All in a queue, once arrived at the altar, they use to clap twice to invoke the gods. The bell rings 108 times, as many times as the sins and desires that the person wants to banish from himself.
If you want to experience a less traditional Japanese New Year's Eve, the party core is in the Shibuya district, Tokyo. For many people the lively area situated outside the big station represents a meeting point: here you can find a large number of clubs, bars and pubs where you can toast at midnight.

Bangkok, Thailand
Spending the New Year’s Eve in Bangkok is no doubt a unique experience that you have to try at least once in your life!
In the large square of Sanam Luang, near the Grand Palace, the countdown is strictly pronounced in Thai language. The show that welcomes the new year is accompanied by traditional and contemporary dances.

Fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are looking for an unusual New Year's Eve in Bangkok, you can reach the Central Word, one of the largest shopping malls, where the New Year's celebrations begin on December 21st and ends on 31st.
Which option would you choose?

Moscow, Russia
Given the climate that guarantees an authenitc winter atmosphere, the Russian capital is one of the most popular holiday destinations during the Christmas period.
Bear in mind that here temperatures drop down to -30 degrees Celsius. It goes without saying that, if you happen to be in Moscow in this period, you need to be prepared for a big chill, namely thermal clothing and shoes. Not only. Also the duration of the day here is quite short: there are areas in Russia where the sun does never go above the horizon line, a phenomenon known as the polar night. This is not the case in Moscow, where you can enjoy a few hours of light, to the benefit of a long New Year's Eve.
Celebrations are concentrated in the magnificent Red Square: the crowd gathering here is as huge as the one in Times Square in New York. And the Red Square looks absolutely divine: not to mention the impressive fireworks with the splendid background of the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's mausoleum.

Fireworks in Red Square, Moscow

However, if the idea of spending the longest night of the year in Moscow chill does not tickle you, you will probably be pleased to know that Moscow is a city where you can party until morning: clubs and nightclubs, hotels and restaurants will be struggling one another to organize the best New Year's eve ever, with an intense programme of shows and concerts.

If you need a place to stay, please take a loot at our section dedicated to Moscow hotels here.

Nairobi, Kenya
In the Kenyan capital, people are going to celebrate the New Year's Eve at Machakos People's Park where they have organizing a mega gig from 2 pm onwards: it is a huge event that will be followed by over 1 million people in the world. Many African artists and dee-jays are taking part in the celebration and have promised to deliver the best party ever so to make people forget about celebrations in Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York and Dubai.

Paris, France
The "City of Light" can meet even the highest expectations, for a très chic New Year's Eve!
For those who are willing to pay a little bit more, the last day of the year in the historic Moulin Rouge, in the Montmartre district, rocks.

Outside Moulin Rouge

At about 680 euros per person, you can book your table, enjoy a high quality menu with caviar, lobster, champagne and spend a glittering soirée at the Moulin Rouge with live music and captivating performances. For info and reservations you can have a look here.
Bonne Année

Dublin, Ireland
On the occasion of the New Year's Eve celebration, Dublin organizes the Dublin New Year's Festival.
If you decides to spend the last days of 2014 in the Irish land, you will enjoy an intense 3-day programme including screenings, cultural events and live music.

Many emerging Irish bands are awaited on stage to dance and party all night long. The event will be broadcast on television.
No worries about the New Year’s Eve dinner, throughout the festival at the NYF Food Village you can enjoy typical Irish dishes and great beer.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
A white dress is the right dress code to celebrate the last night of the year along the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro where, every year, millions of people exchange New Year greetings in this festive atmosphere.
At midnight, under the sky of Rio lighted up by the fireworks colours, people toast the New Year jumping and dancing all together. Then, the party continues at Copacabana beach, with lots of beer, hot dogs and music until dawn.
On this day, there’s a propitiatory tradition: people make an offer to the vain Lemanjá, the queen of the sea red roses or white flowers palm, to ask her protection for the new year that is about to begin.

Jubilant fireworks on the beach in Rio de Janeiro

New York, USA
While in the UK it will be 5am, in New York Times Square one of the most famous party in the world will begin.
How about being right there when the ball-drop starts to drop millions of colourful confetti all around the square? If you wish to take part in the event, you need to head in Times Square early in the morning to take your place before the whole area gets closed.

The show in Times Square, New York

Another option is to spend the New Year’s Eve in Central Park enjoying some good music and the local ice skating: a great way to spend this special night in the Big Apple.

Las Vegas, USA
On the opposite side of New York, 7 hours ahead compared to UK, Las Vegas is ready to uncork a bottle of sparkling wine. When the clock strikes at midnight, a fantastic fireworks show will colour all the buildings of the city, including luxury hotels and casinos: absolutely spectaclar! Elvis Presley used to perform at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, definitely one of the top accommodation in the city.
After toasting, the New Year's Eve party continues in the trendiest clubs and discos of Las Vegas.

Fireworks in Las Vegas

At this point, you are probably wandering what parts of the world will be celebrating the New Year's Eve for last.

There you go. Here is the answer.

Anchorage, Alaska
Alaska is one of the countries where midnight will chime later, when the Big Ben Tower will be striking 10 o'clock in the morning.
If the cold does not frighten you and if you like to celebrate the arrival of the new year in a different way, New Year's Eve in Alaska can set aside pleasant surprises, for example the Torchlight Parade at Alyeska Resort, approximately 44 miles from Anchorage. This is a real tradition around here in which lots of skiers and snowboarders take part (even children): altogether they set a truly evocative show. Following the parade, people will be enjoyining a jubilant fireworks show leading to an explosive finale. The event is totally free.
Alternatively, at the Dena'ina Center, you can party until morning attending the Eve Masquerade Ball, one of the largest and most trendy parties across the country.

Honolulu, Hawaii
When in London it will be 1pm o'clock, on January 1st, midnight will be chived in Honolulu, Hawaii capital, on the island of Oahu. A fantastic fireworks show is organized on Waikiki Beach attracting hundreds of people. Show will begin at 11.55pm with a firework each minute minute to mark the countdown. At the Kaka ' ako Waterfront Park, at 102 of Ohe Street, a mega party will be held with lots of music, shows and games. For info and tickets, please visit this page.

Fireworks on the beach Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii

2015 will begin at 12 GMT in Baker Island and Howlan Island, two secluded and uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean, just north of the Equator, between Australia and Hawaii, both belonging to the United States of America.
Shame that there won't be anyone celebrating ;)

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Let us know what YOU are going to do on December 31st!

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