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Christmas Markets 2014 in the World: Tips for a Low-Cost Christmas Break

In many cities, the lights have already gone on and the first Christmas decorations have already begun to peep out.
On telly, brands have declared war one another to show the best Christmas-related ads.
In the meantime, some people have already started their Christmas shopping.

Only about twenty days left to Christmas and you can already feel a jolly buzz in the air.
On the web, the picture is not different: google a Christmas-related search and you will be given thousands of results on the topic, including travel tips about the best Christmas destinations in the world, whether it is for a proper holiday or simply for a short weekend.

One of the signs that best announces the beginning of the Christmas season is no doubt organizing the typical Christmas markets that take place throughout the world, each country with its own traditions and usages.

A typical city's corner at Christmas

Indeed, can you think of something more delightful than strolling through the stalls of a traditional Christmas market, preferably sipping a cup of mulled wine, while looking for gifts and presents?

Considering the time of year, we could not fail to write a Christmas post on our blog too.

So, if you too feel like experiencing the genuine Christmas spirit, why don't you plan a short visit to a European city hosting an evocative Christmas market or a holiday in an exotic country to enjoy Christmas time from a different prospective?

Find out our top destination list: 6 places where it would be nice to spend some days (or more if you can) over Christmas, without breaking the bank.

Czech Republic's capital is undoubtedly one of the most cheapest cities for the upcoming holiday season.
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Prague, at Christmas, is really evocative.

Christmas market in prague
The most famous and largest markets are those set up in the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) and in the Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí): both of them will remain open until January 6. They are also the most tourist and crowded markets.

So, if you are looking for something quieter and frequented mostly by locals, our tip is to go and visit the Christmas market in Peace Square (Náměstí Míru), which traditionally is the first to open, the one in the Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky) or the small market in Tylovo náměstí: however, don't forget the three of them are closing on December 24.
You should pay a visit to the market at the Holešovice fair as well, which is open all year round, but during Christmastime it gets a special charm.

The capital of Austria often soars at the top of the charts for being one of the most livable cities not only in Europe, but in the world.
Christmas markets, themed lights and decorations, turn Vienna into a fairy-tale place. Undoubtedly, it's one of the most beautiful cities where you can enjoy the real Christmas spirit.
Stands are located at every corner of the city: over 150 are set up in front of the Rathaus, the palace in neo-Gothic style which houses the town hall. This is the main market in Vienna and stays open until December 24. There is also the market in Maria-Theresien-Platz which is most focused on crafts and is open until December 26, the Boxing Day.

christmas markets in vienna

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Let's move on to Belgium capital now, Brussels, that houses the largest Christmas market in the country, the socalled Winter Wonders. Actually, it's much more than a Christmas market: it is a real event that includes a full calendar of shows during which the 240 chalets around the Grand Place are just one of the ingredients. A wonderful Ferris wheel (55 meters high), an ice-skating rink and a majestic Christmas tree complete with a nativity scene are awaiting locals and tourists. In other words, it's a real extended Christmas party with light shows, concerts, street performers and parades.

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christmas markets in brussels
Here we come to the Bel Paese.
In Italy, the most famous markets are located in Trentino-Alto Adige: from Trento to Bolzano, from Merano to Brunek.
Less known, it's the market hold every year in Florence, in the beautiful set of Piazza Santa Croce: it's the so-called German Christmas Market, whose typical wooden houses are displaying gifts of all sorts, including handicrafts and excellent gastronomy, under the watchful and solemn eyes of Dante Alighieri.
The Weihnachtsmarkt in Florence closes its doors on December 20: save the date so you won't be disappointed and book your hotel ASAP. Our proposals for sleeping in the Tuscan's city include over 350 hotels of different categories and different prices to suit everyone's needs.

Alternative Christmas ideas
What if you are looking for something unusual, let's say a Christmas in the sun?
No worries... We have some original tips for you too.

How about spending Christmas in Dubai?

It may sound strange, given the fact that it is an Islamic country, but Christmas is appreciated and intensively celebrated in Dubai as well.
Perhaps you won't find the traditional Christmas markets here, but when it comes to shopping, Dubai has no rivals. Just imagine dozens of huge shopping centres instead of typical Christmas market.

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United States
The United States of America offer lots of Christmas-related events: from New York to Chicago, from Denver to Pittsburgh, from Philadelphia to Baltimore, you will be spoilt for choice.

We'd like to take you to Pennsylvania, in the Northeastern sector of the United States, between the Atlantic coast and the Great Lakes region, precisely to the city of Bethlehem which, in recent years, has become one of the most appreciated destinations in America during the Christmas season.

Here you will have the chance to visit a really nice Christkindlmarkt specialized in local handicrafts, during which a large number of artists display their works: jewelry, candles, ceramic objects, paintings, frames ... All rigorously hand-made.
There are also lots of food stands where you can taste traditional German and Austrian recipes. This market is much appreciated by families and their children.

Spend Christmas in the US offers a large assortment of hotels in the area so that you can select the most appropriate for you and theck check its availability for the dates you are interested in, whether it is for Christmas holiday, for New Year or anytime in the year. Following this link you can browse the hotel list in Bethlehem:

It goes without saying that these Christmas markets are only a small part of the countless events taking place in these months around the world.
Nevertheless, we hope we succeeded in giving you some inspiring ideas for your next holiday.

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