Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hotelsclick.com First Italian OTA to Partner with TripAdvisor for New Mobile Instant Booking Feature

It is official... At Hotelsclick we are the first Italian online travel agency to implement instant booking, the new TripAdvisor mobile feature which is now available exclusively for US users booking through the App or the mobile site of TripAdvisor.

Thanks to instant booking, users will complete their booking with Hotelsclick.com without leaving the TripAdvisor interface rather than being redirected to our site.

According to tests and surveys carried out by the TripAdvisor team, this will contribute to:
  • substantially reduce bounce rates
  • make the booking process easier
Mobile users will be booking a hotel room with us remaining within the TripAdvisor App or website.

Hotelsclick.com Partners with TripAdvisor on the Instant Booking Feature

On the other side, Hotelsclick.com logo will be clearly shown on every single page of the booking process, so to reinforce our brand awareness.

Last but not least, customers will be given all the details necessary to contact our Customer Service that will be dealing with any kind of request from their side.

It goes without saying that we are proud to be amid TripAdvisor partners in this project and we look forward to implementing this new feature: our goal is to make every single booking experience with us the easiest and quickest possible.

This is another piece we have added to the puzzle to improving the customer booking online journey.

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