Friday, 17 October 2014

Guess Where We Are This Weekend

For this third weekend of October, we have decided to take you to Thailand, a place related with feelings of meditation and spiritual health.

Every year this country attracts a large numbers of tourists from all over the world for so many different reasons.

Perhaps you think that Thailand is just fabulous white beaches touched by crystalline waters.
Actually in Thailand there is much more to see: green tropical forests, exotic wildlife, spectacular Buddhist temples, archaeological sites and delicious dishes whose flavours are completely different from Western habits.

Why You Should Spending Your Holidays in Bangkok

Bangkok, the "city of Angels", is the capital of Thailand and the largest city of the country: a real metropolis with over 6 million inhabitants, where tradition and modernity come together in an extraordinary mix.

If you are visiting Bangkok, you cannot miss the Grand Palace and the Gardens, a complex of buildings located in the Central District of Phra Nakhon.
This site is located along the Chao Pharaya river and represents one of the main attractions of the Thai capital.
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Keep on travelling!

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