Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day Use Hotels, Rooms by the Hour or Motels? Here is the Truth, the Whole Truth... Nothing But the Truth

Who said that people only stay in a hotel to spend the night?

The trend of the moment is represented by the so-called day-use hotel, in other words a daytime stay in a hotel. The hôtellerie is trying to satisfy an increasingly request for this type of service, since it represents a concrete business opportunity and, therefore, an antidote against the current economic crisis. More and more hotels are offering a certain number of rooms at a hourly rate during day time, let's say from 9am to 7pm or from 10am to 10pm, depending on their policy.

The common opinion
Well, right... We can imagine what you are thinking now...
The concept of hourly rooms reminds to many of us the stereotype of the secret lovers and their furtive dates consumed in démodé rooms, in anonymous motels, usually secluded and away from prying eyes: the classic places where no-one asks questions at the reception.
Others will no doubt think of those shabby and cheap motels located in the slums, often used as set in numerous American films and usually attended by dodgy and dangerous guests.
Raise your hands if you too remember the Bates Motel, in the wonderful Hitchcock's movie?

Il tipico motel protagonista di motli film americani

Day use hotel: luxury by the hour
Right then. Forget about this! Think instead of elegant 4 or 5-star hotels, boutique hotels and charme residences providing their rooms and services in daytime, at very convenient discounted prices.

Hotel di lusso a ore

About day break hotels
At this point, a clarification is in order: to get into this exclusive club, hotels must be an accommodation of a certain level, for the aim is to give customers a really enjoyable day break, starting with the design passing through the services up to the location.

Along with the room, guests will have access to all the services provided by the hotel: Spa and swimming pool are the most valued, but users also appreciate dining at the restaurant or cocktailing at the bar, without forgetting the Wi-Fi, a feature which has becoming more and more essential.

Day break hotel con piscina

Day time guests
Who are the users that need to book a hotel room by the hour?
Besides couples looking for some intimacy, safe from curious eyes (it's no coincidence that the first day use hotels were also called love hotels!) or simply to make a romantic gift to the partner, there are mainly managers, entrepreneurs and businessmen who are travelling for work and need to relax between two meetings or between two flights. There are those who simply wish to relax for a few hours, for example by taking a nap, those who want to enjoy the hotel's swimming pool or the day use Spa, those who want to complete their presentation using the free Wi-Fi in the room.

Day use Spa: alberghi a ore con centro benessere

Day break hotels in Italy
Concerning day break hotels, Italy provides a large selection of deluxe hotels in many cities.
According to your needs, you will find:

Many of these hotels are located near airports and train stations, offering day-use rooms that are ideal for people travelling for work. Likewise, many hotels offer day-use formulas allowing guests to use meeting rooms for organizing important corporate and business events.
The most popular option is the hotel day use wellness allowing users to relax and enjoy top Spa services at very convenient prices.

To conclude
Whether it is for business or private reasons, nowadays to book a hotel by the hour does no longer have a negative connotation and is indeed an option that more and more customers ask for to get a room or to use the hotel's services for a few hours during the day.

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