Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Find Your Perfect Hotel with Our Identikit (Infographic)

Some people want a hotel with free and great-performing Wi-Fi connection.
Some choose their hotel depending on the location.
Some cannot do without a modern Spa equipped with sauna, Turkish bath, massages and various treatments.
Other tourists judge hotels based on their prices and, above all, to the ratio between the cost and quality standards of the tourist facility and the service.
Foodies are intransigent: their hotel must have an excellent restaurant and, in the morning, the nice smell of coffee and croissants must go up to their room (i.e. a rich breakfast!).
Not to mention the growing importance of online reviews: not only most of the travellers do not book their hotel if first they have not carefully read the opinions of previous guests, but also they are conditioned by them.

The list could go on endlessly as the criteria according to which tourists and travellers choose their hotel are potentially infinite: it is a very subjective and personal choice in which several demographic factors converge, such as nationality, age, social background and cultural level.

So, we decided to ask our users: “What are the hotel’s features that most affect your booking decisions?”

With the collected data we developed the identikit of the perfect hotel and we turned the whole thing into a nice infographic.

The perfect hotel identikit

A lovely red-haired boy, our new mascot, drives readers through the 6 main characteristics of the ideal hotel, namely:
  • cleaning and hygiene
  • position
  • price/quality ratio
  • online reputation
  • Wi-Fi
  • breakfast

At the end of the infographic, readers will find a nice graph showing the top 3 distinguishing features that the dream hotel should have.
They are the Spa, the parking and the pool.

Some distinguishing features

Our infographic reveals just one point of view, that of our users or, more precisely, a limited sample of our users. We believe there are different points of view from which the question can be approached and, of course, we would love to hear other opinions.

So, we make the same question to you: what are the essential features of your perfect hotel?

Meanwhile, find out what our interviewees said and which features their dream hotel has!
We’re happy to present our new infographic for the first time in English to our readers.
Check out the identikit of the perfect hotel!

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