Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Time Travel: Memories from Our "Journey"

Today we are feeling particularly inspired and, in a way, nostalgic.

So we came up with an idea: why not to take a walk down memory lane reminiscing our most important milestones in a mini-infographic that sums up the evolution of our business?

HotelsClick goals from 2006

Beginning from 2006, when we started our adventure providing tourists and travellers with a large choice of hotel rooms throughout the world. Today we have over 120,000 hotels in almost every corner of the planet.

Later, we realized that not everybody likes to spend their holiday in hotels.
Indeed, some travellers prefer a budget accommodation, for example a hostel; others look for the independence of an apartment or a private house.
That is why we have extended our offer including apartments and hostels too.

In 2009 we were wondering: “What if our customers wanted to organize their transfers as well?”. So we integrated in our system the chance to book different types of transfers both by land and by sea.

In 2010 we decided to offer travellers ideas so they can make the most of their journey: from guided tours to boat excursions, from cooking classes to traditional tours on tourist buses.

To our most demanding users we give the chance to line the unique experience of a holiday on board of luxury yachts.

More recently, we felt it was essential to introduce directly on our website the option to book a flight and reach the most exotic destinations.

What’s on our agenda next?
Well, lots of ideas and news so that travelling can be easier for everyone in just a few clicks.

HotelsClick History

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