Monday, 11 February 2013

Traditional Restaurants in Lisbon

At some point, you choose to travel for the reason that you want to plunge yourself at different cuisines. Well, if you try to get into Lisbon, this could also be one of your purposes. Well, there are traditional restaurants in such place that you could get into. The only thing is that, from your arrival, would you step forward to these restaurants first? Actually, no, you need to find apartments Lisbon. Whenever you find one, book for your stay and start your way looking for traditional restaurants in Lisbon.

To make it easier for you to find these traditional restaurants, here are some of the names and areas in Lisbon where they are actually located:

Adega Tia Matilde
This easting place opened up its doors being a tasca, which is a local small and traditional restaurant. Since 1920’s, it has battered down its food in order to keep up a demanding Portuguese palate satisfied and they had managed it very well. From all of the cod dishes as well as fish stew up to chicken rice, this traditional eating place simply guarantee the best and traditional flavors for decades now.

Alc antara Café
It is definitely not a simple task to transform the old and abandoned typography into a wonderful restaurant, most especially with transforming a certain restaurant into one of the best cities having avant-garde cuisine right from the start it inaugurated. Well, this café had simply maintained their quality for over 2 decades, explaining why it becomes a reference in Lisbon city. They actually converted a certain space with larger windows as well as huge surface into the modern and cozy place. After about two decades, Alc antara Café already established itself being a classic and traditional restaurant in Lisbon, wherein families, friends and travelers would surely come to eat. Apart from their comfortable milieu, it offers a wonderfully prepared cuisine that everybody will surely enjoy.

Aviz Restaurant
It has been in Chiado, in Amoreiras and in Estoril, to install itself into an Hotel with similar name on Rua Duque de palmela nearby Marques de Pombal. All through the 7 decades of history, different celebrities have already visited the restaurant and tried out their original recipes as well as peaceful milieu, including Frank Sinatra, Amalia Rodrigiues, Ana Gardner as well as Maria Callas. Some of the restaurant staffs add more of charm and work on it for about forty years. It is simply a place reminding people about the other times, together with a cuisine adapted into a traditional palate.

Any fish or seafood dish is obligatory in this traditional restaurant of Lisbon. It is founded July 4, 1936 or to simply have an appetizer in the mid afternoon. It is actually the Gambrinus balcony, wherein you could have the best croquetes in the place. To complete your dine, finish it down with mouth watering crepe Suzette, which is a delicious crepe made with the tangerine as well as bitter orange.

If you would like to fully enjoy traditional restaurants in Lisbon, getting those place mentioned above would be great.

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