Thursday, 25 October 2007

HotelsClick - The Blog - The Launch

Welcome one and all to HotelsClick very first blog entry.

We have created this blog space in order to reach out in a personal way to you, our customers. The blog will keep everyone informed about new destinations added to the website, any special offers and will contain reviews of hotels, resorts and destinations around the world.

Over the coming months you can learn more about what happens day to day at HotelsClick, the people involved, the destinations we cover. We will be suggesting new destinations, proposing our best deal hotels in those destinations and give advice on restaurants, tours, flights and events. We're going "beyond the call of duty" people.

Most importantly, we need your ideas! Where do you want to see more hotel coverage? What up and coming destinations would you like to see added? What do you like about HotelsClick (or dislike) and how can we improve our service? We are welcoming all comments from past customers (and future ones too).

This is the space where you can recount your experience of us, or your holiday in print, photo or even mini webcast! If you want to add a video diary then just send it to us at

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